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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The tree climb

This is the story of my life at Golden Bay. Well it is part of it. I was walking up a track with my cousins.  My uncle shouted over the wind, “Let's stop on this cliff for a photo!”. The cliff was a steep drop down and pretty tall. It was like being in an airplane. The cars were tiny. We all went to the edge of the cliff and took the picture. And then we went on our way. It was a nice afternoon, until we stopped for another picture, but this time it was on a tree. We all climbed then I heard a cracking noise from my the branch I was standing on. My uncle was ready with the camera, “Aaannnddd,” he began.  But snap! I fell. It was like slow motion “Ahhhhhh!” I was gasping for air on the way down. Baaaam it was like torture, everything was blurry and weird. All I could do was stay on the ground stunned, and here was my brother saying “ Are you ok?” My thoughts were blurry and I could not speak for about 5 minutes. When I could, the pain started to settle in. After that I went back home, with a lesson made.

I was learning to use punctuation and my bright sparks book. It went will but my punctuation was ok and I used lots of words out of my bright sparks book to make it more interesting. My next steps is to make my punctuation so people can not correct my punctuation.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Rocket experiment

Week 3 drag

This week we put paper on the rocket and we put it on the front of the balloon. I observed that it slowed it down. I think that it was doing this because it was heavier just heavy enough to slow it down. Scientists say it is drag that was slowing it down. But I wonder if the paper was smaller it would go further. My gathering data is multi structural because my data isn't that accurate and my inference are multi structural too because I wonder a lot about the balloon rocket.

Rocket experiments

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.

Today at Monday meet up we made slime and tipped it on Mr Anderson. We put cornflour, water, food colouring and vanilla essence in the slime. The whole school went crazy. I placed myself at multi structural for gathering data and for the inference part I placed myself at unistructural. I got stuck in but did not get involved in the making of the slime why? Because there was too many people doing it and most of us did give ideas but did not get involved.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

I think that I would put myself at relational because I did well at making observations and inferences for the rocket experiment. My wonderings are that if you put lots of balloons on one rocket and use fishing wire to make it smooth and make the wire go longer how it will be.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


At the start of term, I put myself as extended abstract because I knew that playground leader was being a Responsible Citizen and I could remind people to go to places.

Now I am a more Responsible Citizen because I am a helpful bystander and I pick up rubbish and I follow the laws.

My inquiry is to design a canteen. I chose the canteen because was it would decrease the amount of rubbish around here and this school would be more healthy and safe. 
Well if we did not drop as much rubbish, they would have a better future not littering. 

Overall I think my project is a great idea because we know that the kids are eating healthy and not littering.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen? Well if you are you would follow these rules.

1. Be a helpful bystander. If there were no helpful bystanders, the world would be a hurtful place and if everyone was a hurtful bystander who knows what the world would be like. But if there were no hurtful bystanders (only helpful bystanders) everybody would feel more happy.

2. Follow the rules. If this quality was missing it would be a dangerous world and we will lose a lot of money. So this quality is important because if everyone followed the laws it would be a better world.

3. Be Trustworthy. If this quality was missing then if a person wanted to give someone stuff to borrow the other person would steal it. So this quality is important because you could give as much stuff to other person as you like and you know that they will give it back to you.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Playing hard at football

As my alarm clock beeps, I chuck on my uniform and go. It is a frosty winter's morning at English Park. The field is frozen as the sun comes up - perfect weather for football. Warm up, team chat and we're off. I'm tackling, throwing, sliding, running.  If they score, I score. At halftime, we regain energy and go for it again. When I get pushed to the ground I feel good. At the end of the game we win. I feel great and have the motivation to do it again.  

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am Nicholas poem

I am Toyota Highlander,
climbing to take on new challenges and take it to the top.

I am skyscraper, scraping knowledge
off the sky and into my books.

I am bird flying to new possibilities, above
the clouds.

I am apple sweet
and fresh

I am fish and chips, crisp
for each day.

I am sport shirt, ready
for action and sport.

Ko Nicholas ahau.